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Don and Barb Morton, owners of Don Bar Farm bonded over their love of horses in the mid 1970′s. Inheriting a free horse, both being from the city, they trusted outside boarding facilities to take good care of their horse. After having a few bad experience at boarding stables it only seemed natural to find a place of their own. The premise for this new boarding stable was to have the horses treated in a humane and loving manner and for the boarders to experience the tranquility of a country setting. In July 1979 DonBar Farm was established. Since this was all new to them, Don and Barb needed to hire a manager with horse knowledge and experience. Boarders would comment on how happy their horses looked and acted thus the motto “Home of the Happy Horse” has been the success for this operation to grow and prosper over the past 30 years.

At DonBar Farm, we take great pride in providing our equine residence with the best care available.